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A Summer Vacation- Just What the Doctor Ordered

If you spent all winter shivering and all spring working, a summer vacation may be just what the doctor ordered. Taking some time away from work and other obligations can help you feel more refreshed and benefit your health. Whether you take off two weeks or two days, spending a little time relaxing can go a long way in helping you feel better.

Find some time to unwind this summer, and you may experience these health benefits:

  • Reduced stress. Stress hormones like cortisol can have a range of negative effects on your health, from causing weight gain to weakening your immune system.┬áStudies show that even a few days away from your daily responsibilities can help lower the level of these hormones.
  • Lower blood pressure. As your stress levels lower, so might your blood pressure. Some studies suggest that women who take two vacations a year are eight times less likely to have heart disease.
  • Better sleep. Stress also causes insomnia. By relaxing on your vacation and getting eight hours of sleep, you may be able to get back on a normal sleep cycle.
  • Better mood. People who take regular vacations are less likely to suffer from depression, studies suggest. Even planning or dreaming of a fun vacation can boost your mood for days and weeks before you take it.

Even if your job will be stressful and busy when you get back from a vacation, that short time away can do wonders for your health. You deserve a vacation, so start planning now!

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Source: 757 Good Health Blog

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