Workforce Wellness – Bon Secours



Federal Highway Administration
Debbie Welch, Administrative Officer

“We have a small office and, while leadership has always been supportive of health and wellness activities, the cost to participate in a corporate wellness program has always been out of the reach of our operating budget. What a surprise last year to become aware of Bon Secours affordable Workforce Wellness Program! We are about 75% of the way through the year-long program, and I would unequivocally call it a success!! The partnership with Carol Marin-Vargas has been outstanding. She has worked with me to schedule activities around the calendars of 30 busy professionals and to help promote the activities to ensure the greatest attendance. The health screenings at the beginning of the year were well received, and the majority of employees not only participated in the screenings but took stock in the written reports and began to look at lifestyle changes they could make. The quarterly lunchtime seminars were geared to OUR employees and what OUR risk factors were (as indicated by the health screenings). Each seminar was well organized, interesting, and conducted by a knowledgeable professional. We have received a lot of good feedback from employees about this year’s wellness program, and we are looking forward to another great partnership in 2015.”

University of Richmond
Heather Sadowski, MPH, CHES, Assistant Director- Wellness

“With the support of Bon Secours Workforce Wellness, the University of Richmond has been fortunate to provide outstanding educational sessions and on-site biometric health screenings to our full-time employees. Bon Secours Workforce Wellness has supported our wellness initiatives at the University of Richmond and their offerings have touched over 40% of our campus population! The educators, screeners, and all who we come in contact with have outstanding knowledge, customer service, and compassion for helping others. Thank you Bon Secours Workforce Wellness!”

Southern States Cooperative, Inc.
Becky Drayton, MPH, CHES, Wellness Coordinator

“Being able to partner with Bon Secours Workforce Wellness team has been incredibly beneficial to our Healthy Living initiative. They have helped us coordinate a variety of programs from educational lunch-n-learns about meal planning to mammography events to ergonomic assessments and more. They are able to tap into such a wealth of expertise and knowledge, so you always know the programs they offer will be top notch. Plus, the feedback we receive from employees speaks for itself! In regards to the last nutrition lunch-n-learn, multiple employees wrote “I absolutely loved this session”. After our spring Mammography and Massage Party, which the Workforce Wellness team was instrumental in getting set-up and running smooth, we received this feedback from a participant, “Very nice event. The food was good, and everything was fast and easy and very convenient. Sometimes it’s good to have that little push to get people (me) to go to the doctor. My last one was in 2009, so clearly this event was helpful for me.” They clearly help us move toward our mission to enhance the quality of life and support the health of our employees and their family members by providing opportunities to engage in innovative and effective health improvement programs, tools, and resources, and for that, we want to say thank you!”



City of Richmond and Richmond Public Schools
Denise M. Heer, M.S., Employee Wellness Coordinator

“As the Employee Wellness Coordinator for the City of Richmond and Richmond Public schools, I am tasked to help improve the health of over 8000 employees throughout Richmond. One of the ways I try to do that is to put our employee in touch with experts in our community that serve as lifelong partners in health. Over the past few years, I have developed a partnership with the Bon Secours Workforce Wellness team that has proven to be very beneficial. We have hosted more than a dozen lunch and learns led by Bon Secours providers. The sessions are always well attended. I have also enjoyed the networking and professional growth opportunities provided in the quarterly meetings they host for wellness professionals in the Richmond area. The speakers are enlightening and I enjoy the opportunity to see what other local businesses and municipalities are doing for their employees as it relates to wellness. Most recently, we hosted our annual employee health and safety fair and the Bon Secours Workforce Wellness group helped in securing nine vendors from a variety of specialties. That afforded our employees the opportunity to connect with providers in a non-clinical setting and ask questions about health and wellness concerns.”

Fareva Richmond
Promoting health and wellness for our employees and their families is a business imperative at Fareva Richmond. Employees are provided tools to heighten their awareness of healthy living and encouraged to take responsibility to make changes to improve overall health and wellbeing.

There is a great need for effective wellness programs due to both rising health care cost and the potential of wellness to significantly impact productivity and reduce organizational health care expenditures.

Bon Secours has been instrumental in assisting us to achieve our goals. Representation is provided at our quarterly health fairs addressing different subjects. Student nurses have been available to do Biometric Screening, medical histories, and health education and follow-up. Approximately 50% of our population and 50% of the temporary population were screened. Letters were sent to all individuals with their results and next steps.

From the screenings, Bon Secours provides Fareva with a Group Health Profile which gives a snapshot of our populations health. As a result of the screenings and report we have:

  • Become a Smoke Free Facility (Employee education, awareness and resources)
  • Offered Stress Management Seminars
  • Rolled out a 12 week Weight Loss Challenge ( 11 teams / 89 people lost 456 pounds)
  • Rolled out a 12 week Fitness Challenge (teams exercise together)
  • Begun a Walking Program
  • Become a Substance Free Work Place (Prevention, Awareness, Random Screening)
  • Revamped the on-site cafeteria services to focus on offering healthier options – less sugar, less salt, less fat, more whole grains, more fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy Vending

We are extremely proud of the momentum we have gained over the past year and we have every intention to continue the journey to a healthier Fareva.

Thank you, Bon Secours , for the continued guidance and assistance in becoming a healthier workforce. We would not have been able to attain our success without you.

Defense Logistics Agency
DLA employs more than 4,000 people in the Richmond area out of the Defense Supply Center.

“Our partnership with Bon Secours has been such a blessing. The employees have responded so enthusiastically to the medical professionals that we have had at the installation. Having Bon Secours health experts available to do seminars and events lends such credibility to the programs that we offer. I want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate the participation of Bon Secours in our wellness program.”
-Holly Tiller, Health Promotion Expert, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Richmond, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Office

International Mission Board
The home offices of the IMB provide a broad range of services to missionaries, Southern Baptists and others involved in global evangelism. The administrative offices are located in Richmond, and the International Learning Center is located about 20 miles west of the city. IMB employs more than 420 people in the
Richmond area. IMB began their partnership with the Bon Secours Workforce Wellness Program in 2011.

“Partnering with Susan Salyer and Bon Secours for our wellness screenings was one of the best decisions that my benefits department has made in a long time! I appreciated their team’s organization and planning. The afternoon before the screening, the rooms for testing and consultations were set up. On the morning of the screening, the techs arrived promptly (mostly early!) and were set up and ready to go when the screening started. Each tech and health counselor was extremely professional and courteous. Employees had nothing but positive feedback about their experience. The team made this event an incredible success.”
-Betsy Hubbard, Compensation Manager, Home Office Compensation, OGP

Chesterfield County Schools
The Chesterfield County Transportation Department participated in our Metabolic Optimization Program, a four-week series presented by endocrinologists, dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral health therapists. The program is designed to teach employees the connection between weight and disease, how to make healthier choices easier, focus on actions that can be taken today to lower chance of risk tomorrow, and get participants in the right frame of mind for success.

“Our employees really enjoyed and benefited from the MO program. It’s a very comprehensive program with engaging presenters and quality information. We, like everyone else, have employees who just want to find the “magic pill” for weight loss and health. It’s very important that they continually hear about sound health practices from qualified practitioners. That’s what this program provided. It was also great that it hit all the aspects associated with health: behaviors and lifestyles associated with disease, proper nutrition, physical activity and mental/emotional components. Also, having a small group gave the participants the opportunity to actually ask questions and participate in the presentations. It kept them engaged.”
-Lynne Bennett, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Chesterfield County Schools