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Bon Secours Workforce Wellness recognizes each company is unique. Whether you are interested in participating in the full program or selecting individual services, Bon Secours Workforce Wellness can tailor a program to meet each company’s specific needs.

An estimated 25 to 30 percent of companies’ medical costs each year are spent on employees with major – but controllable – risk factors. This means that much of the cost of health care is connected to lifestyle habits that you and your employees can do something about. And Bon Secours Workforce Wellness can help.

Other services and programs are available at an additional cost based on each company’s unique needs. Pricing is available upon request.

Some of these services include:

OneCommunity – Bon Secours’ unique, online population health portal is designed to engage employees in improving their health outcomes and to help employers manage incentive programs.

One-on-One Health Coaching – Bon Secours offers a telephone-based Lifestyle Health Coaching program designed to assist participants in making behavioral changes necessary for improved health and wellness through the use of coaching, support and personalized education in areas of weight management, physical activity, nutrition, smoking cessation and stress management.

Stress Management – Bon Secours offers employers an 8-week group program designed to teach total mind/body awareness and relaxation to help participants manage their stress. 20 person maximum.

Smoking Cessation – Bon Secours offers employers a 6-week group program designed to help participants quit smoking by incorporating recommendations from the American Lung Association and American Heart Association and modeling its program after Harvard’s Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine. 12 person maximum.

Sleep Assessments – Bon Secours offers several sleep assessments to help determine if you are at risk for a sleep disorder.

Mammograms & Bone Density Screenings – Bon Secours’ Imaging Centers make it easy and convenient for employees to schedule their annual mammograms in prevention of breast cancer and bone density screenings to identify the onset of osteoporosis.

Prostate Screenings – Bon Secours also offers prevention screenings to help identify prostate cancer.

Skin Screenings – Bon Secours dermatologists provide on-site skin exams and education about sun protection to prevent skin cancer.

Postural Screenings – Bon Secours physical therapists conduct on-site postural screenings to assess spinal health and educate on ways in which posture affects daily living.

Ergonomic Assessments – Bon Secours physical therapists offer ergonomic assessments by providing a visual inspection of workspaces, discussing job functions with staff and making recommendations for changes to ensure work environments are suited for optimal comfort and performance.

Flu Shot Clinics – Bon Secours’ pharmacy team offers on-site flu shot clinics to help reduce your risk of getting sick during flu season.