Workforce Wellness – Bon Secours


customized programs and services

Our Bon Secours wellness account manager will assess your company’s specific risks and implement ongoing programs such as physician seminars, one-on-one consulting and employee outreach. Bon Secours will also provide health education materials to educate employees about important health issues and provide details about available health promotion activities. Participation is key. As your partner in wellness, Bon Secours can also design incentive programs to maximize employee participation.

We tailor each program to meet your company’s unique needs. Whether you are interested in participating in the full program or selecting individual services, Bon Secours Workforce Wellness can help you maximize the health of your employees and lower your costs.

The following services are included in our program:

Educational Programs
Four quarterly lunch and learn seminars will be included in the program. These programs are conducted by our physicians or other clinical staff. We cover a variety of chronic conditions and other health information based on your employees’ targeted risk factors.

Monthly Wellness E-Newsletter
The program also offers distribution of our monthly wellness e-newsletter which includes health information on acute and chronic conditions, physician spotlights, healthy recipes, news and events, and training videos.

Bon Secours E-Health Library
Participants will also have access to health information through Bon Secours’ e-health library.

Wellness Club Card/Pharmacy Discount Card
Participating members of the Bon Secours Workforce Wellness program can enjoy discounts from local businesses and on prescription medications for FREE with the Wellness Club Card/Pharmacy Discount Card! For more information, click here.