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As part of our mission to provide good help to those in need, Bon Secours Workforce Wellness has developed a program that will help employers improve the health of their employees and their bottom line.

Workforce wellness programs have a proven track record of saving thousands of dollars annually per employee. How do they do it? By identifying potential diseases and managing employees while they are still in low-risk categories.

Additional benefits to employee wellness programs:

  • Decrease absenteeism by 28 percent
  • Reduce workers’ compensation by 30 percent
  • Improve employee recruitment and retention
  • Lower chronic disease rates among employees
  • Build a positive corporate image

Watch our video and visit our program page to learn more about how Bon Secours Workforce Wellness can make a healthy difference in your employees and for your bottom line.

Bon Secours Richmond Health System
As a part of Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Workforce Wellness participants benefit from a full range of comprehensive services and follow-up care unmatched by other programs. From electronic medical records to our compassionate medical experts, we offer an extensive health network that provides the right level of care to your employees.

With five hospitals and more than 70 locations, we’re part of your community, and we’re able to tap directly into our local clinical resources while personally delivering services that meet your unique needs.