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How Long Do Leftovers Really Last?

Especially after the holidays, when cooking more food than people can eat seems to be just as traditional as the foods we make, food safety for leftovers has to be on the brain.  So how long can that ham or turkey be kept?  The answer: seven days if it is stored at a maximum of 41oF (5oC). If you end up using that turkey in a casserole or soup, it still has a maximum of seven safe days.  This means that if you cook the bird on a Monday and make it into a stew on Thursday, it has until Sunday to be eaten safely if continuously stored in the fridge. Those foods you know you won’t eat in time should be frozen as soon as possible.  Try freezing leftovers in individual portions or individual meal containers. This way you only thaw and cook the amount you will eat next time. Follow these safety rules and your leftovers will last even longer than the month of holidays.

By Abby Forman, Registered Dietitian with Bon Secours Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

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