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Kick the Habit for Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s never too late to quit smoking!  Your health will improve and your risk for heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other smoking related illnesses will decrease whenever you stop smoking. Quitting is a journey.  We are here to offer you tips and support as you move toward your goal. Every individual’s quit experience is unique. You may choose to use the online program as your sole source of support, or you may opt to connect with our nurse coach who can offer you additional resources and care.  No matter what you choose, you will be moving closer to reaching your goal of quitting smoking.  We’re so glad you’re taking this step towards better health today!

The program is proven, interactive, text-based, and FREE!

To register, simply text QUITNOW to (804) 409-8885 or visit

For more information, please call: 804-285-6898

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