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Medically-Supervised Weight Loss

Medically-supervised weight loss is a method to lose large amounts of weight in a safe manner without surgery. You eat and drink nutritionally-complete meal replacements, which come in multiple flavors, to lose weight. Then, you reintroduce healthy foods into your diet, working with a nutritionist to change your lifestyle of eating rather than just changing up your diet.

With medically-supervised weight loss, you’ll eat and drink a very low calorie liquid diet in the forms of shakes, soups, and puddings. The meal replacement options come in several flavors. The very low calorie diet lets you lose three to five pounds of weight per week, which is faster than is safe or healthy for people to lose on their own, so you’ll see healthcare professionals regularly.

You’re supported the entire way through this program. You’ll start off with an evaluation with the team to see if the program is right for you. Once you’re in the program, you meet weekly with a nurse for health checks, and monthly with a physician and for lab work. You’ll also have a weekly educational class with other people in the program, where a registered dietitian will teach you what you need to know to transition back into a solid food diet and maintain your weight loss.

Once you’re a few pounds away from your goal, you’ll start the five-week transition phase where you start to eat whole foods again, incorporating what you’ve learned from your classes with the dietitian. You’ll meet one-on-one with the dietitian and work on a plan to adapt your body back away from the liquid diet while setting in place your new habits to maintain your weight loss.

If you’re interested in seeing if medically-supervised weight loss is for you, call 804-287-4528 to learn more about the Bon Secours Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program.



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