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Prevent Boredom from Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals







By Aaron McKissick, MS, CSCS, USAW
Sports Performance Coordinator, Bon Secours In Motion

Getting bored with your exercise routine can make it harder to stay in shape, lose weight and reach your fitness and health goals.
If you find yourself making excuses not to work out, it’s time to switch things up before you quit exercising altogether.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to make some simple changes that can recharge your motivation. Your muscles won’t get bored either.
One way to fight off exercise boredom is by altering your current training days and activities. Your training goals can stay the same, while your exercises and what days you do them can vary.

For example, if your Monday workout usually consists of lower body push exercises and upper body pull exercises and your Wednesday workout is the opposite, try flipping these days. Ask a personal trainer for advice on new exercises you can try to work specific muscle groups.

Another way to prevent boredom is to try different physical activities. Do something you enjoy like running, playing beach volleyball, soccer, etc. You can also try a different workout style like Zumba® or yoga.

For some, it helps to have a workout partner or to exercise with other people. Having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of can really help take the staleness out of your daily routine. Workout partners can be very helpful when it comes to staying motivated, using proper form in the weight room and remembering other safety considerations.

Perhaps the best part of changing your routine is that it keeps your body guessing, which makes it easier to achieve the results you want.

That’s all the motivation many of us need.

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