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Stay Active Indoors

It’s that time of year again – the days have shortened and the cold is increasing. But just because it’s not as much fun to be outside doesn’t mean you have to give up physical activity! Here are some ways you can stay active and stay indoors.

Join a Gym

The most obvious answer is to join a gym. Depending on the facility, you may have access to treadmills, ellipticals, and weights. Some facilities may have a basketball court, indoor track, or indoor pool. Many gyms have free classes included in the membership, and some may have personal training, often for an extra fee.


Deep cleaning your house can work up a sweat! Climb (safely) on ladders to dust the tops of your cabinets. Move the furniture and vacuum underneath it. If you have younger kids, make it a game to see how quickly you can clean up their room or playroom. Squatting and reaching adds up to a lot of full-body movement.


Decorate! Go up to the attic and get your favorite pieces down. You can decorate for a religious holiday, your annual New Year’s Eve extravaganza, or just for winter in general. Hang up twinkle lights and put out a festive flag. If your balance is unsteady, skip the ladders and decorate things you can reach from the ground.


Have a dance party! Bounce around the house to your favorite tunes. Invite your friends over to rock out to your high school favorites, or get your kids (of all ages) involved.

Follow At-Home Workouts

Thousands of at-home workouts are available, from free videos on YouTube to DVDs to books from the library. Experiment to see what you enjoy the most: Yoga? Lifting weights? Doing bodyweight exercises? Walk-in-place routines? Whatever you feel like, there are exercises you can do at home.

Talk to your doctor before you begin a new exercise program. To find a health care provider near you, call 804-359-WELL or visit



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