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Tips for Summer Well-Being

What better time to help employees recharge than summer? There are endless ways to relax. But the season of sun and fun also means changes in routine. Temptations like BBQs and beach excursions make it easy to overindulge or spend the day lounging.

Here are nine top tips that’ll help your employees stay well and continue building healthy habits this season – and make sure they get the most out of their fun in the sun:
Tip 1: Take it Outside – Take a dip, take a hike…take in all that nature has to offer in the summertime.
Tip 2: Skip the Sugary Snacks – Ice cream’s a summer staple. But treat yourself sparingly. Skip the stand and pack your beach-day cooler with fruit and vegetables instead.
Tip 3: Keep your Cool – Hot summer nights may make it hard to sleep. Turn on the A/C or a fan to keep your room as cool as you can…then it’s off to dreamland.
Tip 4: Find Clarity – Daily routines change during the summer. Camp drop-offs, vacation planning, hosting backyard BBQs…take care not to get overwhelmed, and focus on the most important task of the day.
Tip 5: Don’t Sweat It – Manage life’s daily stressors with some rest and relaxation at the lake or by the pool.
Tip 6: Be a Lifelong Learner – Can’t wait to dig your toes in the sand, sit back, and dive into a new book? Beach reading is also the perfect chance to brush up on some new skills you haven’t had time for recently.
Tip 7: Run with the Pack – It’s easy to skip an exercise when you go at it alone. Find a workout buddy who’ll help give you that extra push.
Tip 8: Lend a Hand – No man is an island. Support your community by volunteering at upcoming fairs and events.
Tip 9: Know Where You’re Spending – Taking that summer vacation? Set up a budget so you don’t overspend on souvenirs or room service.

If summer heat and stress get the best of you, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. Visit or call 804-359-WELL [9355] if you need help finding a provider who meets your needs.

Source: Virgin Pulse

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